Indentor Extension Tester for Types JA and C

The gauge to check the extension of an indentor on the hardness tester and reading indicator mechanism.

Applicable standards specify two extensions for an indentor, 2.50mm and 2.54mm, and the indentor testers are available for two models A and JA corresponding to the respective extension. Each indentor extension tester set is complete with two gauges, one for hardness value of 50 and the other for hardness value of 2.




Due to the zero point stopper, hardness testers do not indicate negative values; by testing with an 0DEG gauge positive deviations may be detected, but negative deviations may not. This indentor extension tester is capable of providing negative deviations by checking the reading of 2 instead of the reading of 0.


Hardness tester models
Max. Indentor Height (mm)
Gauge code
  • 50DEG gauge 50DEG H-1.270
  • 2DEG gauge  2DEG H-2.489