Automatic Hardness Tester AF-400

Automatic Hardness Tester AF-400 Series for foams is totally changed the models and ASKER Flagship is born here.

AF-400 Series is Automatic Hardness Tester for flexible urethane foams to be used for cushion materials in such products as car seat, furniture, and bedding, and for other kind of plastic foam. The new tester meets the standards specified in the JIS K 6400-2 Hardness Test A and B requirements, in addition to those of conventional hardness and deflection tests standards. This is succeeding model of AF-200 Series which had many delivery result to car industries, seat manufacturers, raw materials manufacturers and public enterprises etc.



  • For the load mechanism servo motor and ball screw jack are employed.
  • The pressure foot of ball joint type is used to cope with slant of the sample pressing surface.
  • Setting of the measuring requirements and indication of the measuring data are in accordance with International Unit System (SI).
  • Available for data communication with PC by Ethernet connection.
  • Operation method is taken over former AF-200 Series


Conforming standards
  • JIS K 6400-2 A Method
  • JIS K 6400-2 B Method
Supporting plate (mm)
Depth 700 (with air duct hole)
Pressure foot (mm)
Diameter 200 (ball joint type)
Indenting/compressing speed (mm/min)
5 - 600 (continous variable)
Indenting/compressing stroke (mm)
Max. 550
Impact dotted printer
Thickness detector (mm)
Minimum readability 0.1
Stress (hardness) detector (N)
Minimum readability 1
Measuring force (N)
Max. 2000 (Max. allowable load 4000)
Dimensions (mm)
1092W x 700D x 2040H
Power Source
AC200V three-phase 50/60Hz 1kVA
Weight (kg)

We can comply with your demand for special sequence with addition and improvement of outer control PC software and program for inside part of tester.

Test operarion process

AF-400 has steadily accumulated many good result with introduction to main manufacturing site for the purpose of "Hardness testing for foam" for long time. The demands covering details from user are given always feed-back to development division, and it has been realized high userbility proper to the exclusive machine.